Our video production team are proud storytellers. Stories that engage with target audiences and that spark action.

We work closely with our clients to produce a detailed brief with clear content goals for the campaign. As all projects must be focused on lead generation, we use clever online and social media strategies to promote our client’s brands.

How it works:

  1. Initial Briefing Meeting to understand your goals from the video and discuss how it will be used to promote the business. If you make content, you must get your prospects and customers to watch it. Messaging will be discussed along with calls to action. Budgets will be also be discussed and approved.

  2. Concept, Storyboard & Script follows, where a storyboard will be presented to share the concept with the script for VO or messaging before the filming is scheduled and then planned.

  3. Videography & Post-production is preceded for all our shoots by a filming schedule including scenes, cast (actors, presenters, client promoters), scripting, locations, a crew including director and production team. We manage all audio and video post-production in-house, including CGI and animation, on-screen graphics, music and effects.

  4. Social Media Marketing is a must. Whether its B2B or B2C content, a social media strategy and calendar of activity must be included as part of the campaign budget. You wouldn’t print brochures and leave them in the box, so why would you make a video and not promote it to get more leads. You simply shouldn’t.

  5. Analysis & Reporting allows us to review performance and tweak campaigns to ensure accurate targeting and maximum return on investment.


We also practice what we preach. We produce our own content including our video podcast entitled ‘Property Leaders’ aimed at getting to the root of the issues in our industry.

Check out our recent portfolio of Video work here