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Growing your business during Covid.

My business coach told me recently that as a business, if you’re not growing you’re dying. So we continue to plan and market ourselves, despite the difficult climate and you should too.   Yet many companies think when times get tough, that they should cut marketing costs. But as I’ve said before, marketing must be

Running Successful Digital Campaigns

Over the last few months, the VM team have been working with a variety of different clients all of which work in completely different industries. A big part of my role has been to research, create/manage and report on Digital Campaigns on the client’s behalf.  There are a lot of blog posts, YouTube videos and

What is UI and UX and why is it key to designing a website?

Creating a user friendly experience should be at the root of every business on and offline. From in-store to social media pages, customer care service and across all marketing activities, the main focus is to ensure that the customer is placed at the forefront and that their experience with your brand is a positive one,

Why Creating Video Content isn’t enough anymore

Hopefully everyone can agree that creating video content is an effective and must use Marketing tactic! Some Statistics Consumers today are spending more time on their different devices and in the future the time that we all spend on our devices is only going to increase. It is estimated that by 2021 people will spend

Why Bigger is Not Always Better

In any agency, big or small, everyone is trying to deliver the best results for their clients. Ultimately, agencies are centered around one thing – people, so it is important to choose the agency with the people,  the values and the culture that best fits yours.  But is the bigger agency the better option?  We